Frequently Asked Questions

Is the event free and for the whole family?

Absolutely...but registration is required. Keep in mind that 1 ticket equals 1 vehicle. Once a service is full, that time will be closed. Should the need arise for more services, we will asses at that point. So stay tuned...and oh yah, please remember that we STRONGLY remind you that no one is allowed to get out of their vehicle while on property...which brings us to the next question :)

Do we have to stay inside our vehicles?

Yes, yes...and more yes! It's actually the most critical part of getting the green light from the Bainbridge police department. With the Stay-at-Home order in effect, we want to make sure we are in compliance. Thus, staying in your vehicle self-contained ensures you are still in a "at home" setup. If anyone does exit their vehicle, they may be asked to leave (awww how sad! Let's not see that happen!)

Do I have to be a member of the church to attend?

Nope! If you've heard about The Easter Drive in Experience from a friend or neighbor, we'd love to have you join us! Consider this your personal invitation to be our guest!

It's Cleveland! Is the event still happening rain or shine?

That's the beauty of a Drive In Experience...and the benefit of NOT getting out of your car! Regardless of the weather, we will gather for this event.

Will there be bathrooms should I need them?

We are going to do our best to keep the services to 50 minutes, so (and excuse our directness) we ask that you use the restroom before or after you come to the services. The building will be closed and there will NOT be any restrooms or building access. Again, its so that no one gets out of their vehicles. Diapers all around ;)

Will there be photography/videoing happening at the event?

Yes, but it will be minimal and for legacy purposes. This is something we've never done as a church and we want to make sure to have plenty of photos and videos.

If I'm not feeling well or someone in my family isn't feeling well, can we still attend?

To adhere to the guidelines established by the President, CDC and local authorities, we ask that if you have symptoms of fever, dry cough or shortness of breath, that you stay at home and visit for more instruction and contact your primary doctor.

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